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  • The Experimental Life Energy Meter model LM4 includes a built in small flat plate electrode, 4 "AA" batteries, external tube electrode, and users manual including examples. 

  • Large plate electrode for use with the Experimental Life Energy Meter. Improved sensitivity and the ability to work with large objects.

  • The Digital Display Meter is an accurate and convenient accessory to the LM4. Includes 1.8 meter LM4 cable, test leads, manual and 9V Battery. The 6ft /1.8 meter cable allows the user to take readings away from the LM4. Effectively improves the sensitivity of the LM4 by 10x. The digital meter can... 

  • The Amplifying Electrode Kit is an external flat plate electrode for use with the LM4, LM3 and LM2 Experimental Life Energy Meters. It uses the amplifying filter technology to enhance the readings. Kit requires about 1L of distilled water supplied by the user to be added.

  • 10 flat bottomed test tubes with screw on caps. Ideal for liquid testing using the small flat plate electrode.

  • This is the Acupuncture probe featured in the "Measuring Acupuncture Points" video from our videos page. This probe is ideal for locating and measuring acupuncture points on the body. The probe plugs directly into the "external" probe connector on the LM4 Experimental Life Energy Meter. 

  • The Plant Electrode is an external small plate electrode that can be attached directly to the leaf of a plant. Using this electrode, you can see the response of the plant to watering, soil changes, stimulants, healthy and dangerous conditions and environmental changes.

  • A replacement for the tube electrode that comes standard with the LM4

  • The earth electrode is ideal for environmental and soil testing as well as energy studies of ancient sites and unique geology. The simple to use electrode can be pressed into the ground and attaches to the LM4 external probe connection with its 16"(40cm) lead wire. Includes instructions. Requires an LM4 Experimental Life Energy meter for use.

  • This compact amplifying filter kit is designed to fit directly on the LM4 blue square electrode. The filter enhances the readings of Living and energetically alive objects while reducing the readings from non-living, metallic and conductive objects. This filter provides a quality factor of 108 

  • Data Acquisition System  The LM-05AC connects between the Experimental Life Energy Meter recorder output and a personal computer, providing real-time data logging and graphing. Includes LM4 interface cable, instructions and software DVD. Shipping weight: 1 lbs. 

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