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Detecting Electromagnetic Radiation
and Minimizing its Health Risks

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Welcome to Heliognosis, manufacturer of the Experimental Life Energy Meter. This unique device is based on the mysterious Orgone Field Meter of Wilhelm Reich. The phenomena it detects has been known by several names including Orgone, Zero Point Energy and chi. The Experimental Life Energy Meter is available for purchase directly online - just click on the Buy button or view our Policies page for more information.
New YouTube Videos of the LM4 and EM2 in action. Just added: Proof of Orgone Energy Parts 1 and 2. How to connect the LM4 to a computer. The new videos demonstrate the technique of sensitivity and stability enhancement using earth ground. An introduction video about using the Experimental Life Energy Meter can be viewed by clicking on the picture or link. Product Videos, The Electromagnetic meter EM2 is also featured in a video titled: Electromagnetic Radiation around the House.

New VLF Atmospheric Sound Radio:

Introducing the new model AR1 Lightning and Atmospheric sound receiver. Listen to the natural sounds of the earth using this portable vlf band radio. Lightning, whistlers, tweaks and auroral chorus can be heard from more than 3200km on the built in speaker or by using the included ear buds. Sounds can be recorded directly to a computer for analysis or future playback. Includes high sensitivity compact loop antenna and high quality audio circuitry for the best listening experience. Now available on our "Buy" page Perfect for creative listening, stormchasers, researchers and paranormal investigators. An introductory video is available at Product Videos . Also useful for investigating and identifying "dirty electricity" and electrosmog.

LM4 Experimental Life Energy Meter

emm - electromagnetic meter EM2
ElectroMagnetic Meter

The perfect EM meter for investigating cell towers, wifi, smart meters and other environmental and household hazards. High sensitivity and widest bandwidth for finding all offending sources of electromagnetic radiation from AC power up to 18GHz microwaves. Experimental Report 6: Detecting Electromagnetic Radiation and Minimizing its Health Risks investigates common and less well known sources of emissions. Amazing performance at a low cost

Introducing the GM1 Radiation Survey Meter
A Traditional Geiger Counter for environmental measurement

AuraScanRadiation Survey Meter Our nuclear radiation detector uses the largest commercially available geiger detector for the highest possible sensitivity. This handheld unit can detect background and bursts commonly associated with low level fallout. Detects Alpha, Beta, Gamma, X-rays, cosmic rays and even neutrons with the included filter set. Available on our BUY page. Uses include: testing food for contamination, Fukushima fallout, mineral prospecting, basement Radon gas detection, scientific and industrial monitoring, waste management

Previous experimental reports in our archive demonstrate how to measure the life energy phenomena in a plant leaf and investigate evidence suggesting the existence of Zero Point Energy (ZPE).
full body energy maps
Life Energy Meter

Introducing the new model LM4

Easy to use all in one package
The Life Energy Meter Now Portable

The LM4 now includes a built in flat plate electrode for convenient measurement of fluid samples, food, body energy and much more. Examples can be found in our R&D section. Liquid comparison using the LM4.

Life Energy Meter Fluid Probe System
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